The Brabender marketplace for used laboratoy equipment

Offer and buy second hand equipment free of charge

Brabender Marketplace is a central online platform for used lab devices of Brabender and other manufacturers

For Sellers: Publish your offer comfortably and for free

If you have any laboratory measurement devices that you no longer need, you can offer it for free and very comfortably in the Brabender marketplace for used laboratory devices. You just have to fill in the data about your device into the contact form. Subsequently the offer will be published in the Brabender market. If someone is interested in buying your device, he can get in contact with you directly through the Brabender marketplace. There will be no fee for this placement in the labortory devices marketplace.

Your benefits:

  • Long durability with additional use: 
    Benefit from the long product life cycle and find a new buyer for your device
  • A marketplace for a special target group:
    Spare yourself the tedious search for someone interested in your device
  • Not restricted to one brand: 
    Offer devices from different suppliers
  • No fees for the placement:
    Offer your device without additional costs
  • Help to save the environment:
    Selling a device that is out of use instead of disposing it, helps saving valuable raw materials and energy resources

For Buyers: Find an appropriate device fast and easy

When you are searching for used laboratory measurement devices, the Brabender marketplace is a treasure trove for you. You get a quick overview of the offered devices of different brands, which you can buy at an excellent price from the seller. Using the contact form you get into contact with the seller, fast and without additional costs. You simply have to answer to an offer. The seller will then get in contact with you. The acquisition is also done directly between both of you.

Your benefits:

  • High quality, long durability: 
    Buy a device with a long life cycle at a good price
  • All offers at one marketplace: 
    Find your new, used laboratory measurement device fast and without problems 
  • One platform, different brands: 
    You choose the device, which answers best to your special requirements from a vast supply of devices from different brands
  • Buying without additional costs:
    You have to pay only for the used device. The transaction is free
  • Well equiped despite of less financial possibilities:
    Not each lab is able to afford the latest model of measurement devices. A used device is the optimal solution.

Search for and offer used laboratory measurement devices

The Brabender marketplace gives you the possibility to offer used lab equipment or search for it on a central specialised platform. This marketplace is not restricted to equipment produced by Brabender. You may offer here your laboratory device from any supplier. The aim of this marketplace is to bring buyer and seller together.

Measurement equipment is a cost factor in every laboratory. Often devices, that are fully functioning, are exchanged for the latest version, because the new features are wanted. But it is a pity to put still perfectly functioning devices into storage or to dispose of them. Furthermore you will have to pay for the disposal. Therefore it makes much more sense to sell these devices instead. Selling them is also a contribution to sustainability. These devices contain valuable raw materials and for their production energy was needed. We all know we only have one planet and especially scientists should be concerned about sustainability and give a good example to industries. Therefore reusing devices is much better than the disposal of them – for the environment and for your financial situation. Just offer here the devices you no longer need.

But maybe you are looking for a used laboratory measurement device, because at the moment you cannot afford the latest model and you do not need these fancy features anyway? Then you have come to the right place. 

Long durability – multiple use

Devices produced by Brabender are characterized by their long durability. Superior quality, high reliability of the technical parts and a broad customer service keep them functioning for centuries. At the same time Brabender is always developing their devices further. Therefore, these devices are always up to date in regard to the technical development and analysing technics. New functions bring additional advantages for the laboratory use. Due to this ever advancing technology our devices are exchanged for the latest versions from time to time. The older, but still functioning models are kept in storage or are disposed of. But often these devices could still be used in other laboratories.