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The Amylograph-E provides you with a reliable, reproducible picture of enzyme activity (α-amylases) in flours and whole grains. This enables you to make statements on flours’ suitability for baking and control the dosing of, for example, baking malt or enzyme preparations.

Your advantages

  • Easy to use
  • No enzyme damage before measuring
  • Quality control in accordance with international standards
  • Gentle heating from 30°C to 93°C
  • Comprehensive picture of enzyme activity
  • MetaBridge software: user-guided workflows, reference limits, measurement correlations, customizable methods & parameters and much more
  • Connectivity: support for third-party solutions (ERP, LIMS)


Optimise baking suitability and dosing: simply, precisely and reliably

The method is characterized by a simple test procedure. The measuring sensor placed directly in the product ensures a precisely adjustable temperature. This increases the reproducibility of your measurement results.

Track the effect of enzymes during the measurement and save costs through optimal control over the dosage of expensive enzymes. Analysis by Amylograph-E gives you precise results that meet international standards.

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Cross-product benefits

MetaBridge Standalone

Brabender’s cross-device software solution provides a consistent user experience between all Brabender units. The MetaBridge comes with various data evaluation functionality, preimplemented standards and customizable measurement methods in order to meet application specific requirements. Regular updates improve and expand your device and let you automatically benefit from the latest trends and developments.

MetaBridge Connect

The MetaBridge Connect technology provides various data exchange interfaces and flexible connectivity features. Data sharing between all Brabender MetaBridge devices in one network allows for smart workflows and process efficiency. Moreover, the integrated web-based software interface (WebAPI) connects and automatically exchanges data with natively connected database systems and / or 3rd party laboratory information and management systems (LIMS) or ERP solutions.

MetaBridge Correlation

MetaBridge Correlation is an optional software package for performing correlation studies across multiple data sets. It allows for comparison of multiple measurements and parameters in a tabular and in an interactive graphical view. Particularly for quality control purposes, the compliance with a pre-defined tolerance is automatically evaluated and highlighted.

MetaBridge EvaluationEditor

The EvaluationEditor enables the creation of customer-specific evaluations. You are able to define logical, mathematical operations based on the measured data. These are calculated automatically and displayed after the completion of a measurement. This allows a qualitative comparison of the measured data based on a few significant points

MetaBridge labfolder

labfolder allows you to store, manage and search your measurement data in one central location, independent of the instrument. Brabender MetaBridge instruments have an automated built-in connection to labfolder. It’s never been easier to get started with lab digitization.

MetaBrigde Database

The MetaBrigde Database represents a local data center in the customer network and a basic laboratory information and management systems (LIMS) for Brabender devices. Connected Brabender devices transfer measurement results automatically into the central MetaBridge database. Besides of the backup functionality, statistical analysis and crossdevice correlations between multiple data sets can be performed.