Single screw extruder and Extrusiograph

Investigate and develop a wide variety of raw materials with these interchangeable attachments. A variety of screw geometries, die head designs and downstream equipment are available for a wide range of applications.

Your advantages

  • Modular system
  • practice-oriented
  • various test methods

Single Screw Measuring Extruder and Extrusiograph

Brabender Single-Screw Measuring Extruder and Extrusiograph are interchangeable measuring heads used in conjunction with Plasti-Corder Lab-Station or Plastograph to measure the extrudability of polymers and to investigate problems that arise in research and development as well as in practical applications. The Brabender modular system allows the complete equipment of extruders for the investigation and development of raw material. A wide variety of screws, die heads and downstream equipment are available for all types of extrusion tasks.

The sample material is plasticized under practical conditions and extruded through the die head. All measured values such as torque, melting point, melt pressure (and screw back force if required) are continuously stored and shown in the form of tables and diagrams parallel to the test.

An example of the variety of test methods is viscosity measurements with a measuring extruder equipped with a rheometric capillary die head. The important data are automatically stored and evaluated by the WINExt software.

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