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FQA Film Quality Analyzer

The Brabender FQA Film Quality Analysis System enables continuous optical quality control of blown and flat films in laboratory or production environments.

Your advantages

  • Versatile: Identification of different defect types
    Efficient: Automatic evaluation according to size classes
    Continuous: Quality inspection in the running process
    Flexible: Suitable for laboratory systems and production use


The Brabender FQA Film Quality Analysis System represents an additional follow-up device for the optical evaluation of the quality of blown and cast films. This is particularly suitable for use in the development of virgin plastics as well as quality assurance in the processing of films with recycled or biopolymer content.

Broad range of applications

The FQA unit can be attached to Brabender peripherals as a supplement:
  • Univex cast film take-off unit
  • Blown film take-off unit
  • Brabender Auto-Grader
It identifies and classifies defects such as:
  • Black Specks
  • Gels
  • Holes
  • Extrusion lines
In addition to the characterisation of optical film properties as part of material development in the laboratory, the Brabender FQA film quality analysis system is also an efficient and fast tool for inline process monitoring in the production process.


Cross-device software solution for Brabender instruments. Whether you need simple workflows to meet international standards or flexible processes for research and development, Brabender MetaBridge helps you meet your daily needs.

Your benefits:
  • Modern & consistent design for many Brabender instruments
  • Easy and flexible data access via web browser
  • Automatic data exchange: Continuous transmission of measured values determined by upstream Brabender instruments
  • Intelligent service: Integrated remote maintenance and feedback functions allow us to help you as quickly as possible
  • Standard export: In formats such as Excel, CSV or PDF. But also directly via e-mail
  • Connectivity: Support of third-party systems (e.g. LIMS, ERP) via Brabender WebAPI, shared network folders or OPC UA
  • More…


Application examples

Cast film extrusion

Blown film extrusion

Cross-product benefits


Brabender’s cross-device software solution provides a consistent user experience between all Brabender units. The MetaBridge comes with various data evaluation functionality, preimplemented standards and customizable measurement methods in order to meet application specific requirements. Regular updates improve and expand your device and let you automatically benefit from the latest trends and developments.

MetaBridge ExtMB

The ExtMB software belongs to the MetaBridge family and is our optimized version for the laboratory extrusion process. Here, all sensor data is summarized in an interactive measurement and this further enhances your understanding of your product.