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Quadrumat Senior

The laboratory mill creates laboratory flours in a multi-stage process. The flour samples are especially close to meeting real-world conditions, and are virtually the same as commercially produced flours. It can create flour samples from wheat, spelt, rye, barley and rice.

Your advantages

  • High performance: approx 8–10 kg per hour
  • Milling of grain with up to max 18 % moisture
  • High precision
  • 2 x 3 different milling zones in one operation
  • Gentle milling thanks to profile-ground rollers
  • Approx 65–75 % yield
  • Self-emptying sifter and easy operation

Analyse the quality of your sample material thanks to gentle milling with high throughput and reproducibility

Thanks to the profile-ground, toughened rollers, preparation of samples with the Quadrumat Senior is a gentle procedure. On average, 8–10 kg can be milled per hour.

Two 4-roller units (a whole grain unit and a meal/semolina release unit) are used to prepare the samples. After milling, you receive four products: Meal, flour, bran and semolina bran. The Quadrumat Senior is also available as a semolina mill, which can also be used for milling durum wheat into semolina. And by connecting the Brabender Bran Duster, you can increase ash content and yield by approximately 5 %.

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Application examples

Milling of:

Wheat – Spelt – Rye – Barley – Rice – Durum wheat – Chia