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The Brabender measuring system for determining the density of rubber compounds for use within production-related incoming goods and quality control.

Your advantages

  • Efficient: Rapid measurement, no peripherals, no auxiliary media
  • Smart design: Ergonomic control panel, integrated balance
  • Robust: Designed for demanding environmental conditions
  • Precise: User-independent test execution
  • Ready2Use: Easy operation with browser-based MetaBridge software

Density is an important process-relevant parameter in rubber production and correlates with properties such as the degree of crosslinking or the hardness of the elastomer under consideration. The determination of density is therefore of particular importance for both formulation development and continuous production-accompanying quality control. The Brabender ElaTest enables reliable and reproducible determination of the density of non-vulcanized, i.e. non-crosslinked, rubbers and rubber compounds.

Reliable raw material control

  • Direct use in the production environment
  • Reference value comparison with alarm function for quality and incoming goods control
  • Correlation: Statistical evaluation of test results
  • User-defined method definition
  • DAkkS accredited calibration (optional)


Cross-device software solution for Brabender devices. Whether you need simple workflows to comply with international standards or flexible processes for research and development, Brabender MetaBridge helps you meet your daily requirements.

Your benefits:
  • Modern & uniform design for many Brabender devices
  • Easy and flexible data access via a web browser
  • Automatic data exchange: automatic transmission of measured values determined by upstream Brabender devices
  • Smart service: Integrated remote maintenance and feedback functions enable us to help you as quickly as possible
  • Standard export: In formats such as Excel, CSV or PDF. But also directly via e-mail
  • Connectivity: Support of third-party systems (e.g. LIMS, ERP) via Brabender WebAPI, shared network folders or OPC UA
  • More…

Cross-product benefits


Brabender’s cross-device software solution provides a consistent user experience between all Brabender units. The MetaBridge comes with various data evaluation functionality, preimplemented standards and customizable measurement methods in order to meet application specific requirements. Regular updates improve and expand your device and let you automatically benefit from the latest trends and developments.


Brabender devices with this function have a built-in computer and a touch display. This allows our customers to directly and easily start operating our devices without any IT experience. Combined with other Brabender technologies such as EmbeddedHC, this results in a very compact device setup.