Extruder / Extrusiograph 19/25 and 19/32

The Brabender measuring extruders and the Extrusiograph 19/25 and 19/32 are electrically heated measuring attachments which, in combination with a modular drive unit, can be used to test the extrusion properties of thermoplastics.

Your advantages

  • Modular measuring head
  • Small sample volumes
  • Grooved cylinder
  • 3 measuring points

Realistic simulation of production with thermoplastics

The Brabender measuring extruders and Extrusiographs are used to investigate the extrudability of polymers and similar, flowable products, and to study development and application engineering problems under realistic conditions. The product is melted in the heated extruder barrel, homogenized and transported from the screw to the die on the discharge side. Various measured variables can be measured and recorded for subsequent evaluation.


Application examples


PA, PC, PVC, Polyester, PMMA, POM, PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVB