Measuring Mixers W 30 / W 30 EHT and W 50 / W 50 EHT

The Brabender Measuring Mixers W 30 / W 30 EHT and W 50 / W 50 EHT are optionally liquid or electrically heated measuring attachments with roller blades for the analysis of thermoplastics.

Your advantages

  • Intensive mixing action with high shear stress
  • Versatile use
  • Easy handling and cleaning

Equipped with roller blades, the W 30/50 and W 30/50 EHT measuring mixers are the true all-rounders among the measuring mixers. They are used for all thermoplastics, among others for the determination of:

  • Heat and shear stability
  • Flow behavior (including as a function of temperature and shear)
  • Plasticizing behavior
  • Mixing with fillers
  • Shear stability under the influence of oxygen
  • Compounding with additives


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Application examples


e. g. CA, Polyacetal, PA, PC, Polyester, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PMMA, PP, PS, ABS, PUR, PVB, PVC