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The FarinoGraph analyzes the water absorption and rheological properties of gluten-containing and gluten-free flours in compliance with international and national standards for quality testing.

Your advantages

  • Ergonomic, compact design: With powerful, integrated PC with tilt and swivel touchscreen
  • Expanded field of application: Different attachments for soft and durum wheat, gluten-free doughs, hard cookie doughs, rye doughs, sponge doughs, malt mellowness and grain hardness
  • Flexibility: Variety of customizable methods, temperature and speed profiles
  • Efficiency: Time savings through automatic termination of measurement when all evaluation points are available
  • Connectivity: Support of third-party systems (e.g. LIMS, ERP) via Brabender WebAPI, shared network folders or OPC UA

The Brabender FarinoGraph is one of the world’s most important and well-known instruments for determining the water absorption of flour and the rheological properties of dough. The accuracy, reliability and reproducibility of the test results are important for the technical dialogue in successful business relationships between manufacturers and suppliers of flour products in increasingly global markets. As part of Brabender’s proven 3-Phase System, the FarinoGraph, together with the Extensograph and Amylograph, provides a holistic and practical demonstration of the production of bakery and pasta products on a laboratory scale.

The latest generation of the Brabender FarinoGraph stands out above all for its modular and ergonomic design, its application versatility and modern technology for efficient and user-friendly test performance. This enables you to achieve precise measurement results with a high information content.

Our modular attachments open up a wider range of applications

Save measuring time

The new Auto-Stop function monitors your measurement and stops it automatically when all evaluation points are reached

First FarinoGraph using AI

Brabender Prediction manages to predict your measurement curves, evaluation points and end of measurement using artificial intelligence.
All without any cloud, just locally on your new FarinoGraph.

More than just standards, more flexible than ever before!

Personalize your FarinoGraph according to your needs and requirements. You have full control over temperatures, speeds, methods and evaluations.
Here are a few examples:
  • Freely adjustable speed up to 200 min-1 allowing you to define time-controlled profiles
  • Easily log and control thermostat temperatures
  • Create your own evaluations with our EvaluationEditor
  • Mixers for different sample sizes (300, 50 and 10 g as well as customer-specific solutions)


Cross-device software solution for Brabender instruments. Whether you need simple workflows to comply with international standards or flexible processes for research and development, Brabender MetaBridge helps you manage your daily challenges.

Your benefits:
  • Modern & uniform design for many Brabender devices.
  • Easy and flexible data access via web browser
  • Automatic data exchange: Automatic transmission of measured values determined by upstream Brabender devices
  • Smart service: Integrated remote maintenance and feedback functions enable us to help you as quickly as possible
  • Standard export: In formats such as Excel, CSV or PDF. But also directly via e-mail
  • Connectivity: Support of third-party systems (e.g. LIMS, ERP) via Brabender WebAPI, shared network folders or OPC UA
  • More…

Reference comparison & correlation

The “Reference Curve” function allows an easy comparison between your current measurement and a reference. Here you can define your own limits, check the automated ones and color the corresponding points in case of an error.
Meanwhile, the “Correlation” function allows you to compare and analyze several measurements at the same time.
Moreover, you can use the “SmartCorrelation” option. This allows you to set up an automatic process control that creates correlations for you and checks them for limits. If critical framework conditions are exceeded, you are immediately notified by e-mail..


The AquaInject is an automatic water dosing system that is perfectly integrated into the process flow of the FarinoGraph and makes daily work much easier.
  • Time-saving
    By automatically created titration curve
  • Highest precision of the dosing amount
    With flow measurement (0.25 ml in the 300g mixer)
  • Better reproducibility of measuring results
    Through integrated heating system
  • Higher safety without glass burette
    No glass breakage in food processing plants
  • More…


Application examples

Flour & Grain

Quality control

Measurement of soft and durum wheat according to standard specifications

Analysis of gluten-free doughs, hard cookie doughs, rye doughs, sponge doughs, malt mellowness, grain hardness.


Product and formulation development

Formulations using flours such as buckwheat, rice, or corn, including additives

Variations of mixed doughs, such as rye, spelt, or potato flour

Doughs with increased nutrient content by adding high-protein flours

Flour formulations with additives such as emulsifiers, enzymes, or hydrocolloids

Recipes with plant-based alternatives to chemical additives