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Conical Twin Screw Extruder CTSE

The counter-rotating conical twin screw extruder is ideal for quality control, product development and research purposes.

Your advantages

  • Gentle and effective kneading properties for shear-sensitive materials such as PVC
  • Nitrided barrel surface for long service life even with abrasive products
  • Polished and chrome-plated screws, also available in various special steels
  • With degassing

Wheeled measuring attachment for tests with e. g. PVC in the lab and pilot plant

The conical twin screw extruder CTSE is used for testing the extrusion behavior of products which are processed mainly in twin screw extruders in production as well.

The CTSE stands out for special process technical advantages:

  • good intake behavior in particular with voluminous bulk goods due to the enlarged channel volume in the feed zone
  • quick compression in the feed zone through decreasing channel volume
  • quick pressure build-up and rapid fusion with high circumferential speeds within this functional zone
  • short processing length
  • transmission of high torques due to good space conditions in the bearing area
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