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Blown Film Tower

Continuous take-up of blown film samples

Your advantages

Pilot-scale testing

  • Designed for easy product collection
  • Precision regulators
  • Limited footprint

Vertical Blown Film Tower Take-Off

Ideal for continuous take-up of blown film samples with lay-flat widths of 11 inches or less, the rubberized drive roll and chrome plated polishing roll provide a tight and uniform air column, crucial in maintaining an even product roundness and thickness.

The adjustable squeeze plates provide proper guidance into the idler and take-up rolls. The winding rolls are designed for easy product collection. Precision regulators allow fine tuning of the air flow in both the bubble and the cooling manifold. Mounted on a seven foot mobile tower, the Blown Film Take-Off requires only 22.5 by 24 inches of floor space, leaving valuable room for auxiliary equipment.