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MetaBridge is the cross-device software solution for Brabender devices. Whether you need simple workflows to be compliant with international standards or flexible processes for research and development, MetaBridge will support you in your daily needs.

Your advantages

  • Modern & standardized design for many Brabender devices
  • Easy and flexible data access via a web browser
  • Touchscreen optimized
  • Software-supported workflows for many norms & standards
  • Flexible templates in the form of methods and profiles
  • Integrated user management system
  • Supports 12 languages
  • Interactive diagrams to track your measurements
  • Easy creation of reference values & correlations to check quality limits
  • Support for third-party solutions (ERP, LIMS)

Latest software for your Brabender devices

You can benefit from the latest modernizations and trends in the industry. MetaBridge is continuously developed, and you will receive optimizations even after you have purchased your device.

MetaBridge Connect

  • Network compatible: Access measurements & results from any device
  • Automatic data exchange: Brabender devices often build on each other and the results from one device are further processed by the next
  • Network discovery: Brabender instruments find themselves in their company network and automate sample input with smart input suggestions
  • Smarter Service: Integrated remote maintenance and feedback function enable us to help you as quickly as possible
  • Service History: Built-in service history and scheduling with automated email notification

Data connectivity

  • Standard export: To formats such as Excel, CSV or PDF
  • E-Mail: Manual and automated mailing of measurements
  • labfolder support: Simple connection to the electronic laboratory notebook (
  • Web API: Built-in API allows any third party system to interact with and use your LIMS or production mixer

MetaBridge reference curves

On the one hand, reference curves allow a graphical target curve to be displayed. In this way, the user is visually supported during the measurement of whether certain tolerances are being achieved. On the other hand, after the measurement has been completed, each individual evaluation point is compared with a reference and directly color-highlighted based on user-definable limits.

MetaBridge Methods

Brabender lives and shapes standards. Many of the well-known ICC, ISO and AACC standards are mapped with MetaBridge methods. The methods describe the device parameters and how they affect the measurement process. Simply use one of the predefined methods or develop your own standard. Brabender is happy to support you in method development, let’s talk about it.

MetaBridge temperature and speed profiles

Temperature and speed profiles allow dynamic adaptation during measurement. These allow material properties to be determined using different controlled variables.

MetaBridge Correlation

MetaBridge Correlation is an optional software package for performing correlation studies on multiple data sets. It allows the comparison of multiple measurements and parameters in tabular and in interactive graphical views. Especially for quality control purposes, the agreement with a given tolerance is automatically evaluated and highlighted.

MetaBridge Database

The MetaBridge Database represents a local data center in the customer network and an elementary laboratory information and management system (LIMS) for Brabender instruments. Connected Brabender instruments automatically transfer measurement results to the central MetaBridge database. In addition to the backup function, statistical analyses and cross-device correlations between multiple data sets are also possible.

MetaBridge Upgrade

Our MetaBridge upgrade solutions also allow our established devices such as the Farinograph-E, Extensograph-E or our extrusion lines to be integrated. Benefit from the latest modernizations and trends without having to purchase new equipment. The most common solution here is MetaBridge Standalone, which you can easily install on any 64bit Windows 10 PC.