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Single-screw extruder 19/25

Use the Single Screw Extruder 19/25 in combination with one of our drive units to test the extrusion properties of various materials, such as snacks, pasta, breakfast cereals, animal feed and rice at laboratory scale, so that you can optimize your recipes.

Your advantages

  • Modular measuring head
  • Small sample amounts
  • Grooved cylinder
  • 3 measurement points

Comprehensive features and modularity for comprehensive materials analysis

The modular system construction opens up comprehensive materials analysis options. Depending on the application, you have a broad range of configuration options at your disposal: choose between the Do-Corder ‘Plus’ and/or Lab-Station drives and the measuring heads appropriate for your analysis.

This solution leaves the way open for expansion options, such as connecting a Twin Screw Extruder in combination with the Lab-Station drive and/or use of the Planetary Mixer P 600[h3].

The grooves in the cylinder interior guarantee good shearing behaviour, as well as optimum materials handling. When manufacturing pasta/noodles, the device scores extra points thanks to an additional opening near the raw materials dosing area, with which a liquid pump can be used.


Application examples

Product development / optimisation

Chocolate crispies – Loops – General breakfast cereals – Snacks – Peanut flips – Prawn crackers – flatbread – Ready to eat – Pasta extrusion – Short pasta – Long pasta – Rice extrusion – Ricebreak down to grain – Animal food – Pet food – Fish food