Anisothermal stress relaxation test for characterization of elastomers and determination of crosslinking density.

Your advantages

  • Patented test method – developed at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences under the direction of Prof. Dr. Vennemann
  • Software – Measurement and evaluation software with automatic test execution, live data display in real time and automatic evaluation and storage
  • Speed – Low test and time requirements (4h TSSR vs. 72h DVR)
  • Temperature limits – Define three distinct temperature limits in the relaxation spectrum – additional temperatures possible

The TSSR-Meter can be used to perform conventional isothermal relaxation measurements as well as Temperature Scanning Stress Relaxation (TSSR), an anisothermal stress relaxation measurement method (AISR method).

  • Very good reproducibility
  • Fast determination of the cross-linking density
  • Information about relaxation behavior and structure

With the ever-increasing demands on materials, the determination of crosslinking density is an important advantage, and therefore the TSSR meter is particularly suitable for material development and quality control during production.

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