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MetaBridge Standalone

The standalone version of the MetaBridge allows a software upgrade for our established devices such as the Farinograph-E, Extensograph-E or our extruders. You can benefit from the latest modernization and trends without having to purchase new equipment.

Your advantages

  • Modern & standardized design for many Brabender devices
  • Easy and flexible data access via a web browser
  • Supports 12 languages
  • Software-supported workflows for many norms & standards
  • Flexible templates in the form of methods and profiles
  • Integrated user management system
  • Easy creation of reference values & correlations to check quality limits
  • Support for third-party solutions (ERP, LIMS)

Latest software for your Brabender devices

Benefit from the latest modernizations and trends without having to purchase new equipment. The Brabender MetaBridge Standalone is another possibility to upgrade your equipment with the MetaBridge software. The Standalone version is based on your existing infrastructure and allows easy installation on an existing PC. Simply connect your Brabender device via USB and get access to a multitude of new features.

MetaBridge Connect

  • Network compatible: Access measurements & results from any device
  • Data exchange: Automatic transmission of values measured by upstream Brabender devices
  • Network discovery: Brabender instruments find themselves in their company network and automate sample input with smart input suggestions
  • Smarter Service: Integrated remote maintenance and feedback function enable us to help you as quickly as possible
  • Service History: Built-in service history and scheduling with automated email notification

Data connectivity

  • Standard export: To formats such as Excel, CSV or PDF
  • E-Mail: Manual and automated mailing of measurements
  • labfolder support: Simple connection to the electronic laboratory notebook (
  • Interfaces: Support of third-party systems (e.g. LIMS, ERP) via Brabender WebAPI, shared network folders or OPC UA

Upgrade for legacy devices

MetaBridge Standalone: This software solution allows you to update your existing Brabender devices with our MetaBridge to experience the latest innovations.
  • Farinograph-E*
  • Farinograph-AT*
  • Amylograph-E*
  • Viscograph-E*
  • Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph (MVAG)*
  • GlutoPeak*
  • Extensograph-E*
  • ExtMB (Extrusion) YoM 2000+
  • MixMB (Kneter) YoM 2000+

*requires a USB converter of the type EdgePort or MetaPort
More than 500 functions have been implemented in the last 3 years to provide you with an ever better product, even after you have received your device