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Blown film take-off unit

The blown film take-off unit is used in combination with an extruder and a film blowing die head for simultaneous inflation, cooling, flattening, take-off and winding of an extruded film tube.

Your advantages

  • User-friendly:
    Working height, winding torque and cooling air adjustable via touchscreen
  • Application versatility:
    Adaptable to different film dimensions and properties
  • Expandable:
    Measure and control film width and analyze film quality using optional modules
  • MetaBridge Connect:
    Full control and automated data transfer to Brabender MetaBridge extruders

Efficient downstream processing of extruded film hoses

In blown film extrusion, you optimize your production conditions through the wide range of adjustment options of the blown film and take-off unit:

  • Adjust the tube diameter, flattened film width, film thickness and film diameter flexibly and reproducibly.
  • Check the so-called “frost limit” (the transition from the plastic to the solid state) by means of an adjustable annular gap of the film blowing head.
  • Support air and adjustable haul-off speed ensure optimum conditions for haul-off of the material.
  • A user-friendly touchscreen allows you to adjust the working height, winding torque and cooling air conveniently and precisely.
  • Extend optional functions and setting options as required.
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Cross-product benefits


Brabender devices with this function have a built-in computer and a touch display. This allows our customers to directly and easily start operating our devices without any IT experience. Combined with other Brabender technologies such as EmbeddedHC, this results in a very compact device setup.

MetaBridge Connect

The MetaBridge Connect technology provides various data exchange interfaces and flexible connectivity features. Data sharing between all Brabender MetaBridge devices in one network allows for smart workflows and process efficiency. Moreover, the integrated web-based software interface (WebAPI) connects and automatically exchanges data with natively connected database systems and / or 3rd party laboratory information and management systems (LIMS) or ERP solutions.