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Extruder / Extrusiograph 30/25 and 30/32

Connected to a drive unit, the Brabender Extruder and Extrusiograph 30/25 and 30/32 can be used to process thermoplastics on a laboratory scale.

Your advantages

  • Realistic simulation of production processes
  • Reliable and meaningful results
  • Small amounts of sample material

Processability of thermoplastics analyzed in production-like simulation

The Brabender measuring extruder and Extrusiograph models 30/25 and 30/32 are measuring heads heated electrically and driven by a Brabender torque rheometer. They are used for testing the extrudability of polymers and for studying problems in research and application under practice-oriented conditions. During the extrusion process, various parameters can be measured and recorded for subsequent evaluation.


Application examples


PA, PC, Polyester, PMMA, POM, PE, PP, PS, ABS