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The AquaInject is an automatic water dosing system for use in the laboratory.

Your advantages

  • Standalone: Flexible use
    Optimized for the FarinoGraph process, but universally applicable in the laboratory
  • Highest precision of the dosing amount
    With accurate flow measurement
  • Better reproducibility of results
    Due to integrated heating system
  • Time saving for WA determination
    Determination of FarinoGraph water absorption by automatic titration curve
  • Higher safety without glass burette
    No glass breakage in food processing plants

The new AquaInject: Score with ultimate precision and automatic titration curve

The AquaInject is a reliable water dosing solution for your laboratory routine. Your desired, tempered water amount is just one button press away. The traditional manual titration, including the tedious and time-consuming burette refilling, is eliminated with the automatic titration feature. This means that critical glass breakage in food processing facilities is now a thing of the past – a significant advantage for product safety.

Another innovation is the time-saving titration curve, automatically generated using the Brabender MetaBridge software. The dosing amount adjusts automatically to the achieved dough consistency until the 500-line can be maintained consistently, determining the water absorption.


Intelligently control water dosing – ensuring constant temperature

In the kneading process, temperature profile serves as a crucial process parameter. The latest version of AquaInject, equipped with an integrated heating system, ensures a constant temperature during water addition. The influence of the operator and variations during operator changes are minimized, enabling reproducible dosing. This new technology meets all requirements of national and international standards (e.g., ICC, AACCI, ISO, and GOST).