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The AbsorptoMeter is used to measure the oil absorption of free-flowing powdery materials. It determines the oil absorption number (OAN / COAN) as a common measure to characterise the oil requirement of pigments and fillers.

Your advantages

  • Automated and reproducible oil absorption method
  • Worldwide standardised measurement results according to ASTM industry standards
  • Stainless steel design for easy cleaning, with special seals for dusty/dirty working environments.
  • Fully integrated titration with variable programmable titration rate. Supports viscosity up to 1,000,000 mPa-s
  • Automatic data export to ERP and LIMS systems

The AbsorptoMeter precisely and reproducibly determines the amount of oil required to completely wet a free-flowing, powdered sample material. This is expressed as oil absorption index (OAN / COAN) in ml/100 g according to relevant standards for the characterisation of fillers, in particular:

  • Industrial carbon blacks and recovered carbon blacks (rCB), according to ASTM D 2414 (OAN) or ASTM 3493 (COAN).
  • Silica (ASTM D 6854)
  • Pigments and fillers (as an alternative, automated method to ISO 787-5:1980)

In addition, the AbsorptoMeter is used to analyze the oil absorption behavior of the following materials, among others:

  • Raw materials for battery production
  • Minerals
  • Cosmetic powders and pigments

Optimised, flexible, interchangeable, measuring mixers for different applications

Industrial carbon blacks

Silica and other powdery materials

User-friendly software

Our software functions round off the AbsorptoMeter and provide additional added value for you.
Here are some examples:
Easy comparison with a reference measurement
Visual comparison/correlation of several measurements
Trial pre-planning for better coordination in daily laboratory routine
Automatic data export to ERP and LIMS systems

Save measurement time

The Auto-Stop function monitors your measurement and stops it automatically when all necessary readings are obtained
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Application examples

Carbon blacks and recovered carbon blacks

Analysis of the processing and vulcanisation properties of the product manufactured with a carbon black

Cosmetic powders and pigments

Ensuring the surface finish within a complete colour range

Raw materials for battery production

Ensuring certain processing properties of battery-based formulations Development of formulations with the same properties as the initial formulation