Convimeter II - Inline Viscosity Measurement and Process Control - Accuracy and Method Diversity at Laboratory Level

Intended use

The CONVIMETER II enables viscosity measurement and process control in the production and development of liquids and pastes. The innovative measurement concept also opens the way for many measurement methods previously reserved for offline rheology to be used in production environments.

Convimeter II

  • Create viscosity profiles - Characterization function
  • Shear rate matching - correlation to other viscosity meters
  • Clarity - temporal display of the viscosity curve
  • Ease of use - through proven, browser-based operating concept and via the control unit with integrated touch screen


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Monitor manufacturing processes or test large volumes on a production scale

The CONVIMETER II can be used both within a control station system and in stand-alone operation. Operation is effortless browser-based via the network or the integrated touch screen.

Brabender has incorporated the experience gained from the CONVIMETER, which has proven itself for almost 60 years, into the development. Thus, the latest evaluation technology meets solid material and manufacturing quality.

  • General Information
    • Process viscometer - for inline measurement, control and regulation.
    • Innovation - range of functions supports the development of new products and processes
    • Wide measuring range - 30 - 2,000,000 mPas Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids
    • Hygiene - No wetted bearings or dynamic seals
    • Mature measurement technology - Recognized in the industry for nearly 60 years and proven thousands of times over

    The measuring method is based on the further development of the rotational viscometer principle. Already the CONVIMETER I works here with a wobbling motion, which ensures a good substance exchange and macroscopic shear at small shear gradients.With the CONVIMETER II, the measurement is now fully digitized, which leads to a reduction of moving parts and thus to particular ease of maintenance and robustness. The fully digital signal processing.

    Creating viscosity profiles - characterization In food production, ingredient mixtures with non-Newtonian behavior are regularly encountered. The "Characterization" measuring program can be used to analyze the rheological behavior on the basis of a precisely definable speed profile. The results support the planning or adaptation of production processes. New or modified formulations can thus be tested on a large scale under real conditions. The measurement results are available directly on the operating unit or on any browser-capable device in the same network.

    Shear rate matching - measured value alignment During prescribed quality controls in the laboratory, the conditions in production can only be reproduced to a limited extent. This is due to the fact that shear rate-dependent viscosities from a laboratory environment cannot be easily transferred to a process section. With the help of shear rate matching, the measured values can be matched (within the speed range).

    • Wide range of applications - thanks to adjustable shear rates and large measuring range
    • Automation - measurement and control during the production process
    • Fast substance exchange - due to pump effect
    • Low shear rates - macroscopic shear at small shear gradients
    • Measurement of the overall structure - behavior is not only recorded at an interface, but determined over a macroscopic rang
    • Precise measurements - viscosity is measured at real prevailing conditions
    • CIP - "Clean In Place



  • Technical Data
    Measurement range30 to 2,000,000 mPas
    ambient temperature+5 to +50°C / 41 to 122°F
    Maximum media temperature130°C / 266°F
    Pressure rangemax. 10 bar / 145 psi
    installation positionany
    MaterialsSubstance wetted parts made of stainless steel DIN EN 10088 - 1.4307 - AISI/SAE 304L
    Interfaces4 - 20mA, TCP
    Power supply100V - 240V, -15% / +10%, 50 - 60Hz, max. 120W
    Protection class measuring headIP67
    Protection type control unitIP64
    Dimensions (WxDxH) measuring head185 x 514 x 162 mm / 7.28 x 20.24 x 6.38 in
    Dimensions(WxDxH) Control Unit-TSControl unit-TS: 483 x 178 x 265 mm / 19 x 7 x 10.43 in (19" - 4 U)
    Power connection1x 230 V; 50/60 Hz + N + PE; 3 A
    115 V; 50/60 Hz + PE; 6 ADimensions (W x H x D)430 x 350 x 640 mmWeightca. 36 kg netSample size115 mlCooling / Heating rate-15° C/min. / 20° C/max.
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