Torque Rheometer Plastograph EC/EC Plus for flexible applications

Intended use

A compact measuring drive for measuring kneaders and measuring extruders for the execution of application tests in laboratories and technical institutes.

Plastograph EC / Plastograph EC plus

  • Cost-effective and flexible due to modular design
  • Fast and most accurate data evaluation
  • Self validation and real-time transmission
  • Real torque measurement up to 200 Nm


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The key to precision - Increase your efficiency by using different measuring attachments

The Plastograph EC/EC Plus is the ideal measuring drive for practical investigations in combination with a measuring kneader or extruder. The concept, which is based on individual modules, offers a wide range of applications in the laboratory and pilot plant. Inside short time different products are tested with low material costs regarding their processability and rheological properties. The compact design also allows space-saving use on tables.

You get all relevant data such as torque, pressure, mass temperature and speed at a glance during the measurement. The precision and simple application offers you a low-cost and efficient measuring procedure. Set yourself apart from the competition and record measurement results faster and more comprehensively with the Brabender Torque Rheometer.

Plastograph EC / EC Plus - Expand your rheological analyses

The integrated CAN bus system enables a simple and continuous exchange of information between the connected modules. By using various measuring attachments, such as the "internal-link" href="t3://page?uid=119" title="Measuring Kneader from Brabender - Practical laboratory-scale simulation of production">"Measuring Kneader, a wide range of tests can be carried out on a wide variety of polymers and additives on a laboratory scale. Depending on the application and product, different blade geometries are available. In addition, user-friendly software offers various automated evaluations of the measurements.

In conjunction with a Brabender Trade fair extruder can be used to determine meaningful results on processability and rheological properties even with small sample quantities. In research and development costs for expensive additives and polymers can be saved. Depending on the extrusion process, extruders can be equipped with different screws, measuring and processing die heads and the necessary downstream equipment.

The integrated CAN bus system in the Plastograph EC / Plus permits simple networking for the exchange of information between the individual control components, sensors and expansion modules. Thanks to Plug and Play you can simply connect the components and start measuring immediately. The rheometer system automatically validates itself and protects itself against overloads caused by torque peaks, for example.

The integrated control panel shows you:

  • Actual values of speed and temperature
  • display of mass temperature and pressure 
  • Measured value display in digital and diagram form 
  • Deviation actual values to setpoints 
  • Display of heating and cooling activity of the connected heating zones

The space-saving measuring drive can be used for a wide range of applications, depending on the connected measuring attachments. 

The range of applications includes:

  • Recipe development
  • Material testing
  • Production of samples on a laboratory scale
  • Quality control during production
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Viscosity measurement
  • Goods receipt inspection


The version Plastograph EC Plus can be used as a drive for the following extruders:

  • Extruder 19/10 D
  • Measuring extruder 19/10 DW
  • Measuring extruder 19/20 DW
  • Measuring extruder 19/25 D
  • Extrusiograph 19/25 D
  • Measuring extruder 19/32 D
  • Extrusiograph 19/32 D
  • Cascade system (19/10 DN + 19/20 DN)
  • Stifled extruder 19/20 D
  • Grooved extruder 19/20 DN
  • W 15 EHT
  • W 30
  • W 30 EHT
  • W 50 
  • W 50 EHT
  • W 350
  • W 350 E
  • MB 15
  • MB 30
  • MB 30 EHT
  • MB 50 
  • MB 50 EHT
  • N50
  • N 50 EHT
  • B 50
  • B 50 EHT
  • S50
  • S 350
  • S 300 C
  • S 350 E
  • P 600
Dynamometer digital AC inverter motor, oscillating bearing
Power  3.8 kW
Speed  0.2 - 150 min -1
Rpm constancy quartz accurate due to digital feedback
Torque measurement  Electronic
Torque measuring range 0 - 200 Nm
Accuracy better than ± 0.5% of the selected measuring range
Direction of rotation right
Mains connection 3 x 400V, 50/60 Hz, +N +PE
optional 3 x 200 V, 50/60 Hz, +N +PE, 32 A
Dimensions (B * H * T)
Desktop unit without stand
 650 * 480 * 1150 mm
Weight without base approx. 150 kg

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