Torque Rheometer for applicational investigations and simulation in laboratories

Intended use

The Plasti-Corder® Lab-Station and Lab-Station EC are suited for mixers and extruders including a temperature control. The universal docking station ensures the adapting of mixer and extruder. 

Plasti-Corder Lab-Station

  • Easy handling - just plug & play
  • Self-validation of all components
  • Modular configuration
  • State-of-the-art fieldbus technology
  • Possibility of remote diagnostics
  • Powerful software for all common Windows® versions


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New generation of torque rheometers

The Brabender® Plasti-Corder® Lab-Station / Lab-Station EC represent the new generation of torque rheometers for all kinds of process-technical investigations or processing tasks in laboratories and simulation.

The universal docking station ensures the adapting of mixer and extruder.

With a speed range of 0.2 – 350 min-1, the 16 kW-powered Plasti-Corder® Lab-Station is beside operating the measuring extruder type 19, the conical twin screw extruder, the co-rotating twin screw extruder TSE20/40 and measuring mixer type 30/50 and P600 especially suited for Brabender® single screw extruder type 30, twin screw extruder 25 and mixer type 350.

The “smaller” Plasti-Corder® Lab-Station EC with a speed range of 0.2 – 200 min-1 and 6.8 kW-drive unit fulfills the possibility to adapt Brabender® single screw extruder type 19, conical twin screw extruder as well as mixer types 30/50 and P 600.

The new CAN bus control panel is installed for paramter settings & digital and diagram value indication. 

The integration of a modern field-bus system into the new Plasti-Corder® Lab-Station / Lab-Station EC makes working a real breeze: permanent communication between control modules, sensors, and computer, easy wiring of the system omponents, manifold expansion facilities - just plug and play. All control modules and sensors required for additional equip ment are allocated to the docking stations and are recognized automatically after coupling.

Integration of the performance electronics in the individual docking stations allows preheating of the measuring head even without the basic unit or cleaning of the extruder or mixer under temperature. For such manual operation, all important control data can be read on a control panel at the Plasti-Corder® Lab-Station.

Profit from state of the art software packages for recording, representing, and evaluating your measuring data and documenting your tests.

With Brabender® measuring mixers, you can simulate on a labo ratory scale all processes like compounding, mixing, masticating, etc. that are relevant for production and processing of polymers and other plastic and plastifiable materials. Or use them for producing your sample material or for reactive processing.

Profit from the flexibility and high performance of Brabender® twin screw technology for optimally adapting your processing machines for laboratory and small-scale production to various processing tasks.

Plasti-Corder® Lab-StationPlasti-Corder® Lab-Station EC
Power16 kW6.8 kW
Measuring range400 Nm300 Nm
Torque deviation:0.15 %0.15 %
Speed range0.2 - 350 min-10.2 - 200 min-1
Speed deviation0.01 % through digital feedback0.2 % through digital feedback
Mains3 x 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 63 A, +N +PE3 x 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 32 A, +N +PE
Dimensions (W x H x D)1300 mm x 630 mm x 1170 mm1300 mm x 630 mm x 1170 mm
Weight340 kg302 kg

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