Dezember 2016

IBEX Iran, the International Flour and Bakery industry exhibition 2016

IBEX has started in 2007 in Iran and was held in Tehran, the Capital City of Iran.

The 10th IBEX show which was held on the 6 - 9 of December 2016 in Tehran, was one of the most effective Ibex fairs ever

Iran with a population of more than 77,000,000 people and a yearly consumption of 164 kg of bread per capita, with approximately 360 flour mills, is a fantastic opportunity to meet the strong request of Iranians customers. Especially high quality machinery, as well as technology and high quality laboratory devices are needed from Iranian customers.

In the booth we present Farinograph E, Extensograph E and Amylograph E and customers especially flour mills were interested to receive information’s about new technologies of Brabender. Brabender is known as a preferred supplier with the highest quality standards to Iranian customers.

Our cooperation for more than 40 years with pak-fan as our sole agent in Iran combines a perfect communication between our company and customers who are interested in our high quality devices.

Thanks to our Partner Pak-fan and the Iran customers who trust in us over all these years.