Januar 2018

Brabender GlutoPeak enhances incoming goods checks at Wiesneth Mühle

The fast method of analyzing gluten quality enables variety-dependent quality to be logged as early as the incoming goods stage.

Long-established Wiesneth Mühle, based in the Franconian town of Pommersfelden, has been successfully applying the Brabender GlutoPeak method since the summer of 2016. The family-run business uses this fast and reliably reproducible method every day to check the quality of deliveries of wheat and spelt flours and other milled products.

GlutoPeak: fast and reliable measurement method

The GlutoPeak method measures the gluten quality of whole grain, flour, vital gluten and bake mixes within a few minutes, even prior to the commencement of any differential diagnostic procedures and produces a reliably “rheological fingerprint”.

Benefits at a glance:

• fast, non-person-related test execution (1-10 minutes per test)
• reliable reproducibility of test results
• automatic measurement ensures easy handling
• small sample quantities (3-10g)

Wiesneth Mühle benefits in a number of ways

“The idea of a fast and simple lab test and of possible use to assess the features of different cereal varieties right at the start of the process at the incoming goods stage appealed to us. Continuity and thoroughness are absolutely key to the quality standards of our flours“, is how Julia Wiesneth, miller at Wiesneth Mühle, explains the reasons for using the GlutoPeak method.

The EU Fertilizer Regulation, which entered into force last year, also played a role in the company opting for this fast method of determining gluten quality. Julia Wiesneth explains: “In this regard we anticipate reduced protein values and want to utilize special varietal features to compensate for this deficit.”


Find out more about use of the GlutoPeak method at the Wiesneth Mühle lab in this video.



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