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Experience Brabender equipment live, perform tests, realize ideas

Visit our food and feed application labs at Brabender’s headquarter in Duisburg (Germany) or South Hackensack (NJ, USA) live or via remote session.

Our application experts will support you in

  • Conducting your trials with your own raw material
  • Developing new products, methods or processes
  • Implementation of your research project
  • Selecting your appropriate equipment solution
  • Training of your employees on our equipment

Our different laboratories at a glance

Rheology lab, extrusion lab, baking lab and milling lab

The Food & Feed application laboratory consists of four different units:

  • Rheology lab: Determine moisture, check rheological material properties
  • Extrusion lab: Develop and optimize products, formulations, methods and processes on a laboratory scale
  • Baking lab: Perform baking tests, prepare samples of baked goods
  • Milling lab: Grind samples to prepare them for further analysis

Learn more about each lab unit.

Rheology lab

Rheological analyses for practice-oriented quality control of raw materials

Carry out comprehensive rheological tests including sample preparation (e. g. grinding, moisture determination), with us in our state-of-the-art rheology laboratory.

Check, among other things:

  • The water absorption of gluten-containing and gluten-free flours
  • The kneading and stretching properties of doughs
  • The gelatinization properties of starch and starch-containing products
  • The consistency and viscosity of starch-containing end products (desserts, sauces, etc.)
  • The activity of enzymes
  • The processing and aggregation properties of gluten
  • The influence of additives (including binders) to improve raw material quality

The following devices are available for the analyses:

Extrusion lab

Lab-scale extrusion for the development, analysis and optimization of products, formulations, methods and processes

Our extrusion laboratory for food and feed applications offers the best conditions for practice-oriented extrusion trials on a laboratory scale.

Due to low material input compared to production extruders as well as easy variation of material mixture and screw speed, temperature and shear, Brabender extruders allow efficient

  • Formulation and product development
  • Utilization of sidestreams
  • Optimization of production processes

Single- and twin-screw extruders as well as suitable peripherals (feeders, pumps, conveyor belts) for various extrusion processes (including hot, cold and wet extrusion) are available for testing. In addition, supporting analyses (e.g. moisture determination of raw material and extrudate, rheological analyses) can be carried out.

The following extruders are available for extrusion trials:

Milling lab

Grinding of material samples in preparation for various analyses

In our milling laboratory, various laboratory mills are available for the application-oriented preparation of your sample for subsequent analyses, e.g. for

  • Moisture analysis
  • Standard methods with Farinograph, Extensograph, Amylograph, Viscograph
  • Sedimentation test according to Zeleny
  • Gluten quality test with the GlutoPeak

The following mills are available:

Baking lab

Check baking result, study the effect of measurement results

The baking laboratory offers the possibility to process the flours previously analyzed with Brabender equipment into doughs and bake them using modern equipment. We thus check with you how different measurement results from rheological methods affect the baking result.

For this purpose, the established standard baking test or a mini-baking test can be used, in which the baking result is checked under controlled conditions.

Perform baking tests with these devices:

  • Spiral kneader
  • Prover
  • Convection baking oven
  • Multi deck oven

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