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How to cope with quality control in the animal feed industry

Optimize your production process with Brabender laboratory equipment

The quality of animal feed and its digestibility, as well as the nutrients it contains and its high energy content, play an important role in ensuring that animals receive the best possible care. For greater nutritional diversity and to reduce potential allergic reactions, alternative protein sources are increasingly being used in the development of animal feed. At the same time, the sustainability of feed production can be improved and resources can be used more efficiently.

In addition, the composition of the pellets is a decisive factor for the quality of the feed, for example for storage. Additional challenges arise in the production of fish feed, as sinking behavior and the different feeding habits at different water depths have to be taken into account.

Customized solutions for feed producers

As a leading manufacturer of measuring instruments and process technology on a laboratory scale, we understand your needs and requirements in the production and optimization of your feeds. We offer you the right solutions to test your raw material mixtures for their processing properties under various process parameters.

Whether it is pet food, livestock feed or fish feed, Brabender supports you in the quality analysis of raw materials and additives for feed production as well as in the development of new products, recipes and processes.

Our competence – your benefit

Extrusion of animal feed: develop and optimize materials efficiently and flexibly

Mini-Compounder B-TSE-A 12/36
Mini-Compounder B-TSE-A 12/36

B-TSE-A 12/36

  • High performance
    Benefit from a wide range of applications
  • Flexible
    Process liquids, powders, and pellets with air or liquid cooling
  • Operator friendly
    Thanks to hinged liner and easy-to-clean stainless steel components
  • Modular
    Access a wide range of connectable and interchangeable modules
  • Compact
    The space-saving all-rounder is available as table version or with frame

B-TSE-A 12/36


  • Compact: Smallest extruder in its category on the market
  • Powerful: Throughput up to 100 kg/h, 150 Nm per screw
  • Hygienic design: Stainless steel housing, food-grade components
  • User-friendly: Electrically hinged liner for optimum process monitoring and cleaning
  • Efficient: Short set-up and changeover times, low maintenance effort

B-TSE-S 30/40
food extruder TwinLab-F
A stand-alone twin screw extruder for food extrusion on a laboratory scale. Modify and texture various materials such as proteins, starches, fish feed, cereals and pasta.

TwinLab-F 20/40

  • Space saving & cost-efficient: Compact solution with wide range of applications
  • Hygienic: Stainless steel design
  • Enhanced options: Use of a replaceable L-liner & compact liner possible
  • Improves your analysis conditions: Process monitoring via horizontally split liner, 6 openings for raw material addition
  • Easy to clean: Horizontally folding liner, optimized screw configuration for easy removal
  • Modern software: Easy and flexible data access via a web browser or the built-in touch screen
  • Connectivity: Support for third-party solutions (ERP, LIMS)
  • Individualizable: Configuration adjustable to your individual needs

TwinLab-F 20/40
Food cutting device
Food cutting device


  • Easy integration—control and logging of knife speed via the software
  • Compact—optimal dimensions for laboratory operation
  • Flexibile — Knife holder extenable from 4 to 8 knifes, hence higher cutting frequency
  • Hygienic design — Easy access to the parts to be cleaned
  • Safety – Zero position of the knife does not stop directly in front of the die


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