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Efficient quality control and development

Analyze the processing properties of your food or feed raw materials with the highest quality technology. This ensures a smooth production process without wasting material, time and costs.

Develop new products, formulations, methods or processes – on a laboratory scale with low material and time input. Achieve your optimum result by varying the material composition as well as the process parameters.

Whether quality control or development – Brabender supports you in solving your application technology challenge with suitable products and services.

Flour & Grain

Flour & Grain

In 1928, Brabender developed the Farinograph, the world’s first and still most widely used device for testing the quality of flour, measuring its water absorption capacity and the dough’s kneading properties. Since then, Brabender has been the leading supplier of measurement and process technology solutions for the milling, baking and pasta industries.

Learn how you can reliably determine flour and dough properties, simulate the production process on a laboratory scale, and optimize your products.

Starch-based products

Starch can be found in the most important staple foods such as potatoes, wheat, rice and corn, but also in many other cereals, tubers and legumes. In the food and feed industry, starch in native or modified form is used for many purposes, including improving product consistency.

With the Brabender solutions for starch-containing products, you can analyze quality parameters such as enzyme activity, viscosity and gelatinization properties and thus make statements about the behavior of the raw materials in the production process.

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Gluten-free products

Among the staple foods are products such as rice, corn, potatoes and legumes, which naturally do not contain gluten. The flours and starches obtained from these products are used to produce gluten-free food and animal feed. This poses challenges for the bakery and pasta industry in particular, because the structure-forming properties of gluten have to be replicated with the help of functional raw materials.

With our product solutions and expertise, we help you characterize raw materials for gluten-free products and find the right material composition for an optimal product result.

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Plant-based products

The world’s population is growing steadily and the food industry is therefore faced with the challenge of ensuring a sustainable supply of food. As an alternative to animal products, foods from plant-based protein sources are considered a significant component of the global food supply. Already today, the dietary habits of the population are changing in the direction of a partial or complete renunciation of animal-based foods.

With Brabender’s high-quality measurement and process technology, the processing properties of plant-based food raw materials can be reliably analyzed – and, on a laboratory scale, innovative substitute products for foods of animal origin can be developed.

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As a result of overfishing in public waters, the farming of fish is becoming increasingly important. Aquaculture is now the fastest growing branch in the global food industry. Consequently, the demand for feed for different species and their different dietary habits is increasing.

Brabender supports you in your challenges in the development and production of fish feeds. For example, you can test sustainable formulations using laboratory-scale extrusion, as well as develop feeds with product characteristics suitable for your species.

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Application Lab Food & Feed

Visit our food and feed application labs at the Brabender headquarters in Duisburg (Germany) or in South Hackensack (NJ, USA) live or via remote session.  Our application experts will support you

  • in conducting your analyses and trials with your own raw material
  • in the development of new products, methods or processes
  • in the realization of your research project
  • in the selection of your suitable equipment solution
  • in training your employees on our equipment

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