Digitize your workflow management: Smart Workflow - Efficient laboratory processes

Smart Workflow optimizes your workflow management by interconnecting your laboratory equipment. The Brabender MetaBridge laboratory software offers you the widest conceivable spectrum for digitizing your processes.

  • LIMS & Industrie 4.0 ready
  • More comprehensive analyses
  • Conducting examinations in parallel
  • Precise results
  • Location-independent multiple access

How does Smart Workflow work? One example.

Predict water absorption (< 5 min.): GTP

Predict water absorption (< 5 min.)

GTP: Evaluation results are automatically transferred to the Farinograph-TS.

Efficient workflow management. MT-CA: The calculated weighed-in sample size will be automatically transmitted to the Farinograph-TS.

Moisture content measurement

MT-CA: The calculated weighed-in sample size will be automatically transmitted to the Farinograph-TS.

Determine kneading properties

Farinograph-TS: Optimized test parameters thanks to received data.

Merge measurement results

MetaBridge: Comprehensive data analysis through data consolidation.

Workflow Management with Smart Workflow: Details & Info

Details on this example:

Predicting water absorption

The Brabender GlutoPeak's Rapid Flour Check provides reliable information about water absorption. The self-triggering data transfer transfers the data to the Farinograph-TS to optimize the test parameters.

Moisture content measurement

The moisture analyzer MT-CA measures the moisture content of the sample, which has a direct influence on the sample quantity of various necessary laboratory measurements. Automatically calculates the corresponding sample quantity to be weighed in the Smart Workflow for the Farinograph-TS.

Determine kneading properties

If the measurement results of the GlutoPeak (GTP) match, a titration curve is no longer necessary. Reliably measures data such as water absorption and kneading properties - even in individual test designs. With Aqua-Inject, the automatic water dosing system.

Merge measurement results

All data collected in MT-CA, GlutoPeak (GTP) and Farinograph-TS are collected as centralized information (test lists, status overviews) in a database.



CheatSheet Smart Workflow

Brochure Smart Workflow

Which Brabender instruments can be linked?

The Smart Workflow concept works with all devices that are driven by the MetaBridge software:

With MetaBridge as standard software

Farinograph-TS, MT-CA, ViscoQuick, TwinLab-F 20/40

With MetaBridge controller as upgrade kit

Farinograph-E, Farinograph-AT, Extensograph-E, Amylograph-E, GlutoPeak, Viscograph-E, Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph