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Smart Workflow: LIMS-ready

Smart Workflow optimizes your workflow management by interconnecting your laboratory equipment. The Brabender MetaBridge laboratory software offers you the widest conceivable spectrum for digitizing your processes.


  • LIMS & Industrie 4.0 ready
  • More comprehensive analyses
  • Conducting examinations in parallel
  • Precise results
  • Location-independent multiple access

Workflow Management ewth Smart Workflow: Details & Infos

Predicting water absorption

The Brabender GlutoPeak’s Rapid Flour Check provides reliable information about water absorption. The self-triggering data transfer transfers the data to the Farinograph-TS to optimize the test parameters.

Moisture content measurement

The moisture analyzer MT-CA measures the moisture content of the sample, which has a direct influence on the sample quantity of various necessary laboratory measurements. Automatically calculates the corresponding sample quantity to be weighed in the Smart Workflow for the Farinograph-TS.

Determine kneading properties

If the measurement results of the GlutoPeak (GTP) match, a titration curve is no longer necessary. Reliably measures data such as water absorption and kneading properties – even in individual test designs. With Aqua-Inject, the automatic water dosing system.

Merge measurement results

All data collected in MT-CA, GlutoPeak (GTP) and Farinograph-TS are collected as centralized information (test lists, status overviews) in a database.


Compatible Brabender analyzers

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  • Technical article – Smart Workflow: Optimization of laboratory workflows with the latest network concept from Brabender
  • CheatSheet Smart Workflow: Features and benefits at a glance
  • Flyer of our digital concept

Technical article

Smart Workflow: Optimization of laboratory workflows with the latest network concept from Brabender

Excerpt from the contents

The precise measurement of ingredients and rheological parameters is a key prerequisite for quality management in day-to-day laboratory work for the milling, baked goods, and starch industries as well as the grain sector and other sectors in the food industry. With its digital “Smart Workflow” concept for the laboratory of the future, Brabender is focusing on more transparency and higher efficiency via the automated transmission of measured values, clear data management, web-based data transfer, time savings, and the associated cost savings.

We spoke with application technician Stefan Jansen (SJ) and software developer Viktor Schäfer (VS) at Brabender in Duisburg about the latest options for keeping laboratories up to date.

Topical overview

This technical article will give you an overview of the features and requirements of our Smart Workflow concept. The benefits and possible deployments are examined from an application and information technology perspective.

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Pages: 5

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