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Brabender stands for application expertise in various sectors of the food and feed as well as the plastics and rubber industries. In addition, many Brabender devices have also been in use in other industries, in some cases for decades, because their adaptability to different materials and applications makes them flexible to use.

Brabender will continue to explore new markets and areas of application for its products and will work with its customers to develop their individual solutions. So do not hesitate to ask us about the feasibility of your specific application.


For various types of tobacco, international regulations such as Regulation (EC) No. 2182/2005 stipulate a minimum moisture content as a key quality criterion. The measuring method of the Brabender Moisture Tester MT-CA, which is based on the oven drying method, is listed there as the reference method. Thus, the MT-CA as well as its predecessor models are in use in the tobacco industry worldwide.

The Brabender Rotary Mill can be used to grind samples for moisture analysis with the MT-CA.

Another application is the extrusion of fibers from tobacco powder, pieces and residues from production to minimize production waste.


Cosmetic pearlescent pigments as well as organic and inorganic colorants form the basis on which new makeup products are developed. They ensure a suitable surface finish within the entire range of color shades. For the automatic analysis of the oil absorption of these materials, the Brabender Absorptometer “C” has proven its reliability compared to the manual oil absorption method.

Rheological properties for analyzing the stability of cosmetic products such as gels or creams can be measured using apparent viscosity over time. For this purpose, the Brabender ViscoQuick offers a reliable rapid method.

Battery technology

The aim of global research initiatives such as BATTERY 2030+ in Europe is to develop high-performance and ecologically sustainable battery technologies for the mobility of the future and the energy transition.

Brabender is also contributing to progress in the development of Li-ion batteries for use in electromobility and stationary energy storage. For example, Brabender extrusion lines can be used to extrude anode and cathode films on aluminum or conductive films made of other materials on a laboratory scale.


In technical ceramics, the extrusion of axisymmetric components such as honeycomb structures, tubes or profiles is considered a classic and still one of the most common shaping processes. Complex structures such as these can be efficiently produced as continuous strands.

Brabender supports development in this area with solutions and application expertise in testing the processability of ceramic compounds as well as in the development of ceramic products using extrusion on a laboratory scale.


Our solutions for special applications

Application Lab

Our application laboratories at Brabender’s headquarter in Duisburg (Germany) or South Hackensack (NJ, USA) support you live or via remote session in your challenge.

  • Conduct tests with your own sample material
  • Develop new products, methods or processes together with us
  • Get support from us for your research project
  • Find your suitable instrument solution with us
  • Let us train your employees on our instruments

In our laboratories, various measurement and process technology solutions are available to you:

  • Prepare your sample for various analyses
  • Determine physical characteristics such as moisture and rheological properties (including absorption of liquids, thermal and shear stability, viscosity) of your sample
  • Check the processing properties of your sample during extrusion

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