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Test own raw material, develop products and processes

Our application laboratories at Brabender’s headquarter in Duisburg (Germany) or South Hackensack (NJ, USA) support you live or via remote session in your challenge.

  • Conduct tests with your own sample material
  • Develop new products, methods or processes together with us
  • Get support from us for your research project
  • Find your suitable instrument solution with us
  • Let us train your employees on our instruments

Laboratory equipment

Sample preparation, raw material characterization, extrusion tests

In unseren Laboren stehen Ihnen verschiedene mess- und verfahrenstechnische Lösungen zur Verfügung:

Grinding of material samples in preparation for subsequent analyses

The Brabender Rotary Mill grinds materials of various types with variable fineness prior to analysis, e.g.

  • Fibrous materials such as hay, grass, straw, tobacco, leaves, (synthetic) fibers
  • Tough materials such as leather, animal skins, linoleum, cellulose, plastics
  • Solid materials such as coconut husks, charcoal, roots

Analyse physikalischer Materialeigenschaften

Brabender offers a broad range of analytical instruments, including those for determining the material moisture as well as rheological properties of a sample material.

In the application laboratory are available:

  • Moisture meters Aquatrac (calcium hydrate and dew point method) and MT-CA (automated drying oven method), for determining the moisture of various materials such as tobacco, lignite, plastics, etc.
  • Measuring and internal mixer: discontinuous production of homogeneous mixtures of different materials by mixing as well as measurement of rheological properties such as plasticizing behavior, heat and shear stability, absorption of liquids
  • ViscoQuick: for determining viscosity in food and non-food products, e.g. cosmetics, pharmaceuticals
    Absorptometer: Determination of oil absorption of powdery substances, e.g. limestone, talc, aluminum oxide, cosmetic powders and pigments
  • Convimeter: Continuous in-line measurement of the viscosity of liquids and pastes during the production process

Lab-scale extrusion

With Brabender laboratory extruders, the extrusion process can be simulated in a practice-oriented manner on a small scale with low material input. The process at production level therefore does not have to be interrupted for research and development purposes.

A wide range of different dies enable the production of extrudates with different shapes, e.g. round strands, ribbons, sheets, profiles or films.

In addition to their main field of application for the food, feed, plastics and rubber industries, Brabender extruders can also be used for other applications, for example:

  • Ceramic compounds
  • Battery compounds
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Biomaterials and composites, e.g. TPS, WPC
  • Tobacco dust

In addition to compact and modular extruders, the Brabender portfolio in the extrusion sector also offers the appropriate peripherals such as dosing or downstream equipment.

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Make your lab appointment now: