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Industrial 3-D printing

The Brabender product portfolio for the development and optimization of applications in industrial 3D-printing. Modular, designed for maximum flexibility, the product line meets the highest demands cost-efficiently.

Industrial 3D-Printing: Application Diversity

Industrial 3-D printing

Application Diversity Opens Up New Opportunities

The extraordinary flexibility of 3D printing processes is driving the development of new applications for industrial 3D printing at a rapid pace. In recent years, additive manufacturing processes have developed into a serious complement to conventional plastics processing technologies. 3D printing processes have also become indispensable in prototype construction. Short development times are crucial. The increasingly well-known term rapid prototyping (RP) encompasses the various processes used in prototype construction. The resulting increasing demand for high-quality filaments in small amounts opens up new market opportunities for smaller compounders who are prepared for this special application.

Industrial 3-D printing

Optimizing highly specialized materials economically

In the research and development sector, this field of application also opens up new perspectives in the medical sector: there are already approaches for greater sustainability through printed products made of active substance-bearing, possibly biodegradable plastics. The developments described and the diversity of materials outlined are particularly challenging to the user group: to develop highly specialized materials cost-effectively and to ensure their quality. The modular designed Brabender laboratory production line supports users in mastering the challenges of the application area and meeting the highest demands.

Brabender Analyzers for industrial 3-D printing