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Characterize raw materials, develop products and processes

Since the development of the Plastograph in 1936, Brabender has specialized in analyzing the processing properties of polymers. With proven and innovative product solutions as well as many years of application expertise, we support the plastics and rubber industry and research in quality control and the development of new products, formulations, methods and processes.

Whether thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, engineering plastics or biopolymers: characterize your raw materials according to DIN EN ISO or ASTM standards, including determination of plasticizing, flow and absorption behavior. Extrude round strands and filaments, ribbons, profiles, hoses, cables, blown and flat films, etc. from various raw materials and raw material blends.

For these diverse tasks, Brabender offers customized individual and modular solutions for rheology and extrusion on a laboratory scale, suitable peripheral equipment and devices for specific measuring tasks.

PVC Pipe

Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

Brabender offers decades of application expertise in PVC rheology and extrusion. Find the solution to your PVC processing challenge with us. With the proven Brabender measuring mixers, you can investigate the plasticizing behavior, thermal and shear stability, and flow behavior of your PVC formulation, as well as analyze its compounding properties with additives.

Our modular and compact extruders allow the production of ribbons, profiles, blown films, tubes, round strands or cables based on soft or hard PVC powder or pellets.

Blown and flat films

Packaging films produced by extrusion make up a significant part of the plastic packaging produced worldwide. Accordingly, high demands are placed on film quality, including film purity and transparency. The goal is to achieve consistent film quality under continuous testing of its processing properties.

Brabender offers laboratory extruders with suitable dies for the production of blown or flat films as well as downstream equipment for take-off, tempering and winding. Optical systems can be used to reliably detect inhomogeneities and statistically evaluate film quality.

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Industrial 3D printing

3D printing as an alternative to conventional manufacturing processes allow cost-effective production of individual objects or small series. In the most popular printing process, FDM (fused deposition modeling) printing, objects are built up layer by layer using molten polymer.

The thermoplastic or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) filament required for printing can be produced in-house on a small scale using a Brabender extrusion line. Brabender offers compact or modular extruders for this purpose, as well as a suitable cooling section and take-up device. A 3D printer can be used to check the processability of the filament.

Bio-based polymers

Bio-based plastics consist entirely or partly of renewable raw materials and are sustainable alternatives to standard plastics, which are predominantly produced from petroleum. The challenge for producers is to manufacture bio-based plastics which equal properties in comparison to the conventional products.

Brabender equipment can be used to test the processing properties of bio-based plastics and blends on a laboratory scale and to develop alternatives to the respective fossil-based plastics.

Caoutchouc and rubber

Rubber is obtained from the rubber tree as natural rubber or on the basis of petroleum (synthetic rubber, e.g. SBR or EPDM). It obtains its elasticity by adding sulfur under heating and pressure (vulcanization). To further improve its properties, rubber is usually enriched with fillers such as carbon black, plasticizers, pigments or dyes. Depending on the base material or mixing ratio, rubber materials have different processing properties.

Brabender offers a broad portfolio for the processing and analysis of rubber and rubber compounds – from proven measuring mixer and extrusion solutions to special applications for density testing and carbon black characterization.


Our solutions for Plastics & Rubber applications

Application Lab Plastics & Rubber

Get to know our laboratories for plastics and rubber applications in Duisburg (Germany) or South Hackensack (NJ, USA). We welcome you live or via remote session.

In a total of over 300 sqm of laboratory space

  • we analyze your specific application technology challenge
  • we advise you on the Brabender product portfolio
  • we test your sample material with the appropriate equipment (together with you on site or remotely)
  • we work out customer-specific solutions with you (e. g. trial setup, composition of extrusion line components)
  • we conduct customer trainings and workshops, application projects and feasibility studies with you
  • we develop your customer-specific test method with you
  • we provide you with produced extrudates such as filament or film samples

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