MetaBridge Release Notes

Release 2.1.5 (June 2021)


  • Loading lists have been optimized for larger test quantities
  • Columns in the loading view are flexible selectable
  • Shows the used hard disk space (Homescreen > About us)
  • Reference curves can now be created from correlations
  • Reference curves can now be used within correlations
  • Service intervals can be scheduled with built-in service history & mail notification
  • Displays MAC address (Homescreen > Network settings)
  • Standard deviation and mean value of the correlation added to the printout


  • New waffle method added
  • Bugfix: Missing reference peak box


  • Calibration of the balance will automatically add an entry to the service history
  • Possibilities to clean up “Current Measurements” view befor start a new batch of measurements
  • Add date on the printout of the “Current Measurements” view


  • New buyable feature “Correlation”
  • Add support for a pump designed for high viscosity media (upto 50.000 mPas)


  • Direct overview of the temperatures on the homescreen
  • Fl.-Härt. Polym.(DIN) evaluation added