Brabender Calibration Kit

Intended use

Guaranteeing the quality of your measurement results on a lasting basis

Brabender Calibration Kit

  • Flexibly carry out control measurements
  • Cost-effectively secure the quality of your measurements
  • Reliably produce consistent quality


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Benefit from the advantages of the Brabender® Calibration Kit

Sample material guarantee the quality of your measurement results with the Brabender® Calibration Kit. Unreliable measurement results have a direct effect on your production performance and on the quality of your products. In a worst case scenario, it is your reputation that could ultimately suffer. As a rule, calibration forms part of your annual servicing. However, continuous quality assurance ideally requires that your test equipment is inspected for accuracy regularly.

Brabender® testing materials provide you with the reassurance that your measurements are always of the same quality. Test your measurement equipment whenever you like, quickly and easily. The Brabender® Calibration Kit, with its optimum material properties, provides you with the standards-compliant conditions under which to perform your tests. This ensures that you have the ideal comparative figures for your measurement process. 

  • Absorptometer C Mixer (Standard carbon blacks)
  • Mixer MB 30 (NU 510)
  • Mixer W 30 EHT, W 50 EHT, W 30 Oil, W 50 Oil (DB6122)
  • Mixer N 50, N 50 Oil (Vestolit)

Brabender Calibration Kit CHEMICAL FLY

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