The Brabender SpeciMold offers a unique and comfortable, quick method for your extrusion process. The machine continuously produces specimen from the extruded polymers and fillers – fully automatically, without any bypass or additional process steps, directly from the ongoing compounding process.

Your advantages

  • For a large variety of polymers
  • In-line production saves time
  • Preserved material properties
  • High operating comfort by automated processes
  • Editable injection molding parameters
  • Exchangeable injection molds

Time-saving and versatile new in-line production procedure

The SpeciMold produces polymer specimen in a single step in-line, not needing several process steps as conventional production procedures require. Thus, the specimen producer saves your time and is gentle to the used material, as it is only melted once in the process.

The specimen have exactly the same properties and characteristics as the extrusion polymer and are, therefore, perfectly suited for further mechanical property tests.

Stay flexible and use the SpeciMold the way you require it. For it is compatible with Brabender single and twin screw extruders as well as with third-party extruders, the injection molding parameters are easily editable, and the injection molds can be changed quickly, giving you a great amount of possible specimen.

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