Film Test Line

Use this compact system for fully automated optical inspection of extruded films.

Your advantages

  • Modular built extrusion line
  • Single screw extruder
  • Integrated film quality analyzer FQA CCD camera 4096 pixel
  • FSR take off for film sheet ribbon
  • Detection of black spots, gels and fisheyes
  • Evaluation of film quality note

Film Testing Line

The flat film from the measuring extruder is led through inbetween a light source and a high-resolution electronic camera where it is measured. The pictures are analyzed by an intelligent data transfer interface. The picture signals and the processed measuring values are transferred to the computer. The test and evaluation results are shown on the monitor and printed.

The Film Test Line stands out for:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Measurement and evaluation without blanks
  • Parallel display of camera video and particle pictures
  • Automatic film assessment through film grade determination
  • Optional marking of defects on the film
  • Optionally with hazemeter and/or NIR density measurement
  • Multitasking through current Windows Operating Systems
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