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Cubilyzer 300

The Cubilyzer 300 is used for the optical inspection of bakery products. Compared to the imprecise rapeseed displacement method, it provides accurate and reproducible volume determination.

Your advantages

  • Simplified measurement method: Automated, precise and reproducible method
  • No auxiliary material: Reduces costs and complications
  • Time saving: Faster procedure compared to conventional method
  • Reusability of samples: Uncontaminated samples can be used for further analysis
  • Quick sample exchange: Enables efficient analyses and workflows

Automatic calculation of density based on sample weight and volume.

The Cubilyzer 300 creates a volume and dimensional profile of baked goods using laser topography in accordance with AACC Method 10-16.01. Using this measurement technology, in addition to increased accuracy, significantly more data than just volume can be collected compared to the rape displacement method, such as:

  • Volume and volume yield / density
  • Length / width / height / cross-section / weight
  • Comparison of different samples
  • Display of the measurement in 2-D and 3-D
  • Color measurement