Aquatrac Station

The revolution in residual moisture analysis

Your advantages

  • No reagent, no chemicals – Measuring without additional costs or waste
  • Ease of use – No specialist personnel or training necessary
  • Precise and reproducible measurement results – Accuracy of 0.01 mg H2O absolute
  • Unique analysis functions – Surface and core moisture measurement
  • User definable measurement criteria – End of measurement after defined time, after falling below a quantity of water per time or exceeding the processing limit

A revolutionary new feature of the Aquatrac Station: residual moisture analysis via dew point measurement. A precise method which, in response to many customer requests, does not require any reagent at all and yet works water-selectively.

  • Precision — Dew point measurement in vacuum: More accurate, reliable, reproducible
  • The robust alternative — No more lab coat: Built as a standalone unit for the factory floor
  • Easy operation — Without reagent, auxiliary chemicals or carrier gases

As an absolute measuring instrument, it does not require any calibration work for different substances. It can be used independently of a PC or other peripherals.

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