Download Technical Note - How to substitute fish meal with black soldier fly larvae meal


The demand for fish for human consumption is constantly growing and can no longer be met by conventional fishing. Aquaculture has therefore intensified considerably. In 2016 the share of fish from aquaculture was already around 50%. Recipes containing fish meal are often used to feed the fish. This leads to an additional demand for fish, which has already led to a significant increase in the price of fishmeal.

Therefore, efforts are being made to find alternative protein sources and to replace fishmeal at least partially. Powder from ground black soldier flies should be used. The aim of the investigation was to find out how the substitution of fishmeal affects the extrusion process and the properties of the extrudates.

The Technical Note is based on the Brabender KETSE 20/40. Information on the successor model TwinLab-F 20/40 can be found here.

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