MetaBridge Standalone - The software upgrade for your Brabender equipment

Intended use

The standalone version of the MetaBridge allows, in addition to the pre-installed version for our new devices, an upgrade to our established devices such as the Farinograph-E, Extensograph-E or our compact extruders. Benefit from the latest modernisations and trends without having to purchase new equipment.

MetaBridge Standalone

  • Uniform design for many Brabender appliances
  • Software-supported processes including many standards & norms
  • Touch screen optimised
  • Integrated user administration
  • Flexible templates in the form of methods and profiles
  • Interactive diagrams for tracking measured values
  • Easy creation of reference values & correlation to match tolerances


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Latest software for your Brabender devices

Benefit from the latest modernisations and trends without having to purchase new equipment. The Brabender MetaBridge Standalone is another possibility to upgrade your equipment with the MetaBridge software. Standalone is based on your existing infrastructure and allows easy installation on an existing PC. The matching Brabender device is then simply connected via USB, giving you access to a multitude of new features.

Smart Workflows

  • Network compatible: Access measurements & results from any device
  • Automatic data exchange: Brabender devices often build on each other and the results from one device are further processed by the next
  • Smarter service: integrated remote maintenance and feedback function enable us to help you as quickly as possible



Data Interfaces

  • Standard export: to formats such as Excel, CSV or PDF
  • E-Mail dispatch: manual and automated dispatch of measurements
  • Labfolder-Support: Simple connection to the electronic laboratory notebook (
  • Web API: Our built-in API allows any third party system to interact with and use your LIMS or production mixer



Upgrade for legacy devices

  • MetaBridge Standalone: This software solution allows you to retrofit your existing Brabender equipment with our MetaBridge and thus experience all innovations live

    • Farinograph-E
    • Farinograph-AT
    • Amylograph-E
    • Viscograph-E
    • Micro Visco-Amylo-Graph (MVAG)
    • GlutoPeak
    • Extensograph-E
    • ExtMB (Extrusion) Alt-Extruderanwendungen YoM 2000+
    • MixMB (Kneter) Alt-Kneteranwendungen YoM 2000+
  • More than 500 functions have been implemented in the last 3 years to provide you with an ever better product, even after you have received your device