AutoCalibration for Farinograph-TS

Intended use

The Brabender AutoCalibration allows you to validate your Farinograph-TS Mixer with one simple measurement. Make sure that the quality match your requirements and you can trust your results. Small deviations can be filtered automatically.


  • The anti-ageing for your Farinograph mixer
  • Check quality according to your own standards, at your own interval
  • Specified differences can be corrected automatically
  • 100% based on real measurements
  • Works always and everywhere, without any cloud connection
  • Define your own master instrument and/or reference material
  • Calibration on multiple materials are possible
  • The calibration model is stored locally inside the mixer


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With the Brabender AutoCalibration, users of the Farinograph can maintain their device by themselves, saving time and costs.

Every measuring instrument should produce the same results under the same conditions. Nevertheless, they all have the same problem of natural ageing, depending on their frequency of use, used samples, maintenance intervals, external environmental conditions, etc.

The Farinograph-TS is not an exception, but our new Brabender AutoCalibration offers an optimal solution for this problem. It complements our existing service portfolio and allows you more flexibility.

We are pleased to be able to offer you this solution, which we have established within the last 10 years for internal use. The AutoCalibration is an automatic curve fitting, in which more than 10,000 simulations are carried out on the basis of real measured data from your device in order to determine the optimum for you. Eliminate unnecessary waiting times and service the Farinograph-TS yourself within one hour.

  • Large customers who have a large number of devices and notice any differences accordingly
  • Customers who use a different master unit internally
  • Customers who have different results with their suppliers
  • Customers who use materials that differ greatly from our reference flours
  • Customers in special countries where the dispatch of reference material is difficult
  • AutoCalibration is used exclusively for the calibration of the Farinograph-TS
  • The ageing is reversed by a mathematical curve fitting. In the best case it is not necessary to send the mixer back and forth. Already tested for 10 years, now also available for you.
For Farinograph-TS
Mixer support:300g
 50g (beta)
required licenses1x Correlation license
 1x AutoCalibration license

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