Texturise proteins, cereals, snacks and more – Lab-Compounder KETSE 20/40

Intended use

A standalone solution for food extrusion at lab scale. Modify and texturise various materials, such as for example proteins, starch, fish food, cereals and pasta.

Lab-Compounder KETSE 20 / 40

  • Space-saving twin-screw compact extruder
  • Six dosing options along the process area
  • Hinged cylinder
  • Patented liner removal: easy to clean
  • Screw elements can be combined individually
  • Inexpensive economy version KETSE 20/40 EC


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Maximum flexibility for analysis in the areas of material development and research

The Lab-Compounder KETSE 20/40 scores highly due to it being a compact extrusion solution with integrated drive.  This space-saving and economical solution texturises the widest range of different materials. Develop new formulas and standards or simulate processes exactly to scale.

With a rotational speed of up to 1200 rpm, this extruder offers the user greater flexibility when it comes to energy input and throughput. What’s more, the cylinder is split horizontally and is hinged at both sides, which makes the segmented screws easily accessible. 

  • Flour
  • Starch
  • Gluten
  • Rice
  • Pulses
  • Pasta products
  • Tobacco
  • Sweets and Snacks
  • Animal feed
  • Fish feed
  • Pet feed
  • Fodder
  • Pasta industry
  • Confectionary / snacks industry
  • Meat industry
  • Animal feed industry

The sample is inserted and then extruded by the twin-screw extruder. During the analysis, sensors and controllers measure relevant values, such as temperature and pressure. You are presented with clear values that you can use to form a correlation between the process and the product.

  • Round strand die head
  • Noodle die head
  • Ribbon die head
  • Tubing die head
  • Rheometric die heads
  • Protein extrusion
    • Dry extrusion
    • Wet extrusion
  • Ingredients
    • Modified flours (e.g. pre-gelatinised flours)
    • Modified starch
  • Cereals
    • Chocolate crispies, loops
    • General breakfast cereals
  • Snacks
    • Peanut flips
    • Prawn crackers, flatbread
    • Ready to eat
  • Pasta extrusion
    • Short pasta
    • Long pasta
  • Rice extrusion
    • Ricebreak down to grain
  • Animal food
    • Pet food
    • Fish food

The user-friendly Windows software allows operating data to be logged and for measurement results to be evaluated according to the latest standards. Online diagrams provide a quick overview of measurement data and evaluation results, even during an ongoing measurement.

The features of the program include:

  • Logging of experiment conditions
  • Description of the material being examined
  • Control and data collection
  • Representation and online printout of experimental data
  • Graphical representation of experimental data obtained 
Lab-Compounder KETSE 20/40
Screw length (L : D) 40
Drive power 16 kW
Speed 1200 min-1
Max. torque 2 x 40 Nm
Max. working temp. 400 °C
Max. output 0,5 - 20 kg/h*
Segmented barrel/screw No/Yes
Screw rotation/special features Co-rotating, horizontally split barrel
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1660 x 730 x 1230 mm
Weight approx. 500 kg
* dependend on raw material and application

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