Oktober 2020

Brabender joins the Bridge2Food research network

Together with partners from industry and research Brabender will exchange experience and expertise and develop solutions for the growing market of alternative proteins.

Meat alternatives from plant protein sources and generally protein-rich nutrition are very popular on the international market. Many long-established market participants from the food industry and research have been serving this trend for a long time, and numerous companies have just been founded in this field.

Despite numerous events in this area of application, there is a lack of common standards. Bridge2Food wants to close this gap with its "ecosystem" - a network of universities and research institutes, manufacturers of food raw materials and end products as well as process technology. Characteristic for the network is the close and regular exchange of experience and competence as well as the joint work in project groups, led by the organizers of Bridge2Food.

Forcing change - developing solutions together

The partners of the network should benefit from the expertise of the members in order to create innovations together. Against the background of classic protein sources becoming scarce, they want to accelerate the change in nutrition towards food from alternative, plant-based protein sources.

In regular seminars, workshops and conferences, Bridge2Food and its partners want to pave the way to efficiently serve the market of alternative protein sources - with the goal to contribute to a better and sustainable food world and economy. Among other things, a common overview of consumer needs as well as trends and developments should enable a better, uniform understanding of the market. On this basis, standards, methods, processes and product solutions should be created together with the members of the network.

Sharing expertise - benefiting from partners

Brabender, as a trusted partner of the food industry for many years, offers the network its expertise in quality control of raw materials as well as in the development of new products and recipes. With its solutions for rheological analysis and laboratory-scale extrusion Brabender has recently been able to win over partners from the market of alternative protein sources. In particular, Brabender has recently gained experience in the wet texturization of vegetable proteins for the production of meat substitutes, in the extrusion of protein-rich snack products and in the analysis of the rheological properties of flours and starches from peas, beans, chickpeas and other pulses.

Moreover, Brabender wants to gain further experience in the application field of alternative protein sources and to adapt and further develop its product portfolio to the needs of the market. "The Bridge2Food ecosystem is a unique industrial-scientific network", explains Jessica Wiertz (Manager Applications). "Plant-based foods are an emerging market that requires further research, as well as machine development and analytical techniques. Within the ecosystem, Bridge2Food connects relevant partners to jointly tackle these challenges".