März 2020

Automatic calibration function for the Farinograph-TS saves service budget

A new function of the Brabender MetaBridge enables individual reference curves, minimizes service work and increases the service life of the Farinograph mixer.

The Brabender MetaBridge is the core piece of the Farinograph TS that is now well established on the market. Regardless of location and terminal device, users can securely access their devices, load measurements and follow them live, to name just a few of the software's advantages.

With the option of automatic calibration Brabender has now added a new, additional feature to the existing functionality of the MetaBridge software. This opens up a significantly extended potential of benefits - espe-cially with regard to service and maintenance of the Farinograph-TS, but also for customer-specific measur-ing methods.

Create and transfer reference curves yourself

The user now has the possibility to create reference curves for his specific materials, which have been devel-oped in his specialized laboratories, and to transfer them to any other Farinograph TS in his group as a refer-ence. In this way, he can specifically readjust each additional Farinograph TS by means of automatic calibra-tion. This saves the costs for the calibration service. Even if the calibration service has to be called upon, the calibration by the service technician is more resource and cost efficient in the long run.

Above all, however, it makes cross-location quality assurance measures much easier and more cost-effective.

Minimize wear, increase service life

Another advantage is that the service life of a mixer is extended by the automatic calibration. A wear-related overhaul or an expensive replacement investment that is necessary today can thus be postponed into the future. This saves costs for the downtime incurred during the overhaul or the investment in a new mixer.

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