März 2020

Brabender uses FAULHABER motor technology for viscosity determination

The ViscoQuick, the latest product in the Brabender rotational viscometer series, is driven by a brushless DC servo motor from drive specialist FAULHABER.

Brabender has numerous customers in the starch and other industries where viscosity properties of raw materials are measured. 

With the new Brabender ViscoQuick the company has added a modern rotational viscometer to its portfolio that not only provides fast but also reliable measurement results. Within 15 minutes and with a high reproducibility of results, the instrument provides a complete picture of the viscosity behavior of starch and starch-containing products as well as of various viscous and pasty masses.

The device contains a brushless DC servo motor of the 4490 series ... BS from FAULHABER Drive Systems, Brabender's longstanding partner. FAULHABER has presented the functionality of the motor and its interaction with the components of the Brabender ViscoQuick on the company's website.

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