Februar 2020

Brabender in direct exchange with breeders

Small sample quantities, fast measuring methods and precise, meaningful results are important tools in the research work of breeders. Brabender instruments offer support for this.

From 11.-13.02.2020 the Digital Breeding Symposium took place in Tulln. Participants of this conference came not only from all over Europe, but also from Sri Lanka, Iran or Australia.

Climate changes and a constantly growing world population are only some of the challenges breeders have to face today. The first step is to address questions of genetics and the breeding of new cereal varieties. In addition to the requirements and optimization of the ingredients, the process engineering properties in the food production are also important.

When it comes to measuring rheological properties, the challenge in breeding is that only small sample quantities are available. Brabender has successfully met this challenge. With less than 40 g flour, the most important properties of new grain varieties can be determined reliably and quickly.

  • GlutoPeak: Qualitative determination of gluten in less than 5 minutes.
  • ViscoQuick: Gelatinization properties of starch and flour. High heating/cooling rates allow experiments to be carried out in 10 min.
  • Farinograph-TS: With only 10 g flour the water absorption and kneading properties can be determined.

The trio GlutoPeak-ViscoQuick-Farinograph was presented to the interested audience during the conference and the respective advantages and especially the benefits were explained in detail. Of particular interest was the GlutoPeak, whose fast measuring method allows the examination of many samples in a relatively short time. The "rheological" fingerprint generated in this process supports breeding in the early selection and qualitative assessment of new cereal varieties.

In addition to the quality of the gluten and its network, attention is also paid to the properties of the starch. Visitors to the stand were interested in the wide range of applications of the ViscoQuick, which provides reproducible results for all types of starch or flour. The high heating/cooling rates of up to 20 °C/15°C/min. enable measurement results after only 10 minutes. Similar to the GlutoPeak, a large number of tests can be carried out per day.