Dezember 2019

Brabender presents new rheology solutions in China

The participants of the 2nd ICC Asia-Pacific Conference got an insight in lab workflow optimization with the new Brabender devices.

The conference took place from 7 to 9 November 2019 in Tianjin, China. During two days, about 500-600 participants were given a lot of information about grain cultivation and processing, the milling industry, alternative proteins, many other areas of research & development and quality control. The contributions were then discussed, some of them controversial. The Melchers team managed the booth with great commitment and could answer many questions on the exhibited equipment Farinograph-TS, Aqua-Inject, GlutoPeak and MT-CA. Business Development Manager Markus Löns had the opportunity to present the latest developments from Brabender in a short lecture.

Farinograph-TS with Aqua-Inject

The possibility of automatic titration, where water is added to the kneading process under software control until the correct consistency is achieved, met with particular interest from customers. This automation allows the technician to carry out other tasks in the laboratory during the titration and thus saves a lot of time. As an additional side effect, the temperature of the dosing water is kept constant and documented in the software.


As the newest instrument in the Brabender Viscosimeter series, the ViscoQuick can be used with heating/cooling rates of 20/15 °C, which can reduce the time required for a complete measurement of the gelatinization properties of starch to up to 10 minutes. The ViscoQuick is also the first device on the market with an integrated PC and a fixed heating/cooling system. This means that it can be set up completely independently in a laboratory.


The fast examination and evaluation of grain in the incoming goods department is a widespread requirement in the milling industry. With the GlutoPeak the quality of the gluten can be measured and evaluated within a few minutes. In addition, the Gluten Method is the only available method worldwide for determining the quality of vital gluten.