Januar 2019

ZDS students examine Brabender viscometers

The ZDS students and their lecturer presenting their project work and the Brabender devices compared in it at the Technicians' Day.

In autumn 2018, a student team of the ZDS technician class carried out a project to compare the Brabender Viscograph, MVAG and the new ViscoQuick.

The project examined the starches most commonly used in the industry (rice, maize, wheat, potato and tapioca) and two different flours (wheat 405 and rice flour) on the three viscometers. On the basis of the test preparation and execution ( according to ICC standard and AACC method no. 61-01.01) as well as the measured results, the devices were compared with each other with regard to their handling, temperature accuracy, repeatability and the differences in the measuring procedure.

Presentation at the ZDS Technicians' Day

The results were presented in January 2019 at the technicians' day at the ZDS (Zentralfachschule der  Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft). The Technician's Day is a two-day event where all project work (14 pieces) of the individual project groups is presented to an audience of ZDS pupils, teachers and company representatives. It serves as an exchange between prospective technicians and potential future employers and offers interested parties an insight into the broad field of the food industry and its associated companies.

ZDS - Training and further education for the confectionery industry

Founded in 1951, ZDS is a globally networked training and education institute for all areas of the confectionery industry. At the ZDS, the training occupations "confectionery technologist" and "specialist for food technology" are trained. In addition, there are preparatory courses for the Industrial Master Craftsman's examination and further training to become a state-certified food technician. Since 2016, the ZDS has also been offering a dual course of study for confectionery technologists with a Bachelor of Science in Food Technology (Baking and Confectionery Technology). ZDS also offers seminars and training courses.

Brabender has already been cooperating with ZDS for several years. In 2018, a Viscograph was installed as a permanent loan in the laboratory, where it can be used for teaching and research purposes.