April 2018

Brabender at IAOM MEA Forum – represented by its new agency for North Africa

Galaxy Lab undertook its first engagement as the Brabender agent at the IAOM MEA Forum in Tunisia.

Galaxy Lab was appointed as Brabender’s new agent for countries in the Maghreb region in November 2017. It undertook its first engagement in this role on March 27 and 28 at the IAOM MEA Forum in Tunisia. This event provides the middle management tier of the milling industry in North Africa with an industry-specific platform. The event organizer is the International Association of Operative Millers. Its mission includes the advancement of technology in the flour milling, cereal grain and seed processing industries.

Successful premiere

This year Brabender again acted as a sponsor of the IAOM MEA Forum in Sousse for the third year in a row after 2016 and 2017. Othman Alami, CEO of Galaxy Lab, gave a 20-minute presentation during which he got his audience really interested in Brabender’s GlutoPeak and the Rapid Flour Check. Around 40 inquisitive millers, laboratory managers, quality assurance officers and production managers asked specific questions about the device and the award-winning method.

Philipp Deiters, Sales Food Brabender, summarizes as follows: “This Forum has demonstrated that milling businesses in the Maghreb region are keenly interested in quality assurance tools. The focus of attention was on the GlutoPeak and the MVAG, particularly for durum and semolina, which customers process into pasta and couscous. We are delighted by the many useful conversations that our new agent Galaxy Lab was able to conduct.”

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